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Anonymous said: were you by any chance on onigiri last night? because I saw someone with MagicalSakura as their name ; v ;

Yeah that’s me WwwWww I joined to play with one of my friends.

Anonymous said: Hello, sorry to bother you but could you have the download on 4shared ? D: Sorry, you don't have to. My laptop won't let me download the demo or anything though because of the media fire pop-ups..

Hello! Yes sorry for talking a bit longer than expected to get this done, I’ve had a terrible stomach virus and I’m only now started to really recover. But Here you go~!



If you’re having any issues with the font, Download this (Font) and stick it in the folder that says game. It’ll be like Faithfully Yours Demo > Game.

I tried to make a thing with EmoFuri, I didn’t put much time into the drawing because I was more interested in how the movement worked. I just used the sample pose they had because when I tried on my own I got things like this:


(Also Sorry to the Anon I haven’t gotten around to uploading the demo to 4shared yet because I’ve been sick.)

what is the most noticeable thing of my art style?



I went to bed before seeing this request the other day. Since there was only one I missed I planned to draw it anyway but I had been feeling a bit sick the past couple days. _(:3」∠)_ (Request are over though, I don’t normally take them it was a one day thing)

I could have drawn him in his Uniform but I thought Nah.

I’ve never seen the series but she looks like a pretty bad ass babe~

Oh It’s probably a Tie between Meruru and Rorona~ I really like Rorona from the first game and because she’s pink, but Meruru is super adorable too. Older Rorona’s design is my fav of her.

Curly hair used to be my least favorite kind to draw, but now it’s one of my favorites. It’s really fun. This is what Google told me the character was, I hope I got the right one.

I always thought it was odd that she played 男性向けエロゲー instead of anything 女性向け乙女ゲー Well what ever floats your imouto loving boat.

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