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These are just some OC’s I’ve had on the back burner, they don’t have names yet or anything. The girl is the Heroine and the boy is potential antagonist/love interest depending on who’s POV you take. (ღ˘◡˘ღ) I actually wasn’t really planning on drawing anything with them today. It started with the unfinished doodle where I didn’t feel like drawing the clothes on guy, but then I made a little story. (I drew the Heroine previously: here but I’ve since tweeked her a little like in the hair.)

Fukami and Wadanohara doodles. First one was a shindan maker result prompt.  BadEnd Spoilers for the second one. Fukami is a fascinating character.

Anonymous said: were you by any chance on onigiri last night? because I saw someone with MagicalSakura as their name ; v ;

Yeah that’s me WwwWww I joined to play with one of my friends.

Anonymous said: Hello, sorry to bother you but could you have the download on 4shared ? D: Sorry, you don't have to. My laptop won't let me download the demo or anything though because of the media fire pop-ups..

Hello! Yes sorry for talking a bit longer than expected to get this done, I’ve had a terrible stomach virus and I’m only now started to really recover. But Here you go~!



If you’re having any issues with the font, Download this (Font) and stick it in the folder that says game. It’ll be like Faithfully Yours Demo > Game.

I tried to make a thing with EmoFuri, I didn’t put much time into the drawing because I was more interested in how the movement worked. I just used the sample pose they had because when I tried on my own I got things like this:


(Also Sorry to the Anon I haven’t gotten around to uploading the demo to 4shared yet because I’ve been sick.)

what is the most noticeable thing of my art style?



I went to bed before seeing this request the other day. Since there was only one I missed I planned to draw it anyway but I had been feeling a bit sick the past couple days. _(:3」∠)_ (Request are over though, I don’t normally take them it was a one day thing)

I could have drawn him in his Uniform but I thought Nah.

I’ve never seen the series but she looks like a pretty bad ass babe~

Oh It’s probably a Tie between Meruru and Rorona~ I really like Rorona from the first game and because she’s pink, but Meruru is super adorable too. Older Rorona’s design is my fav of her.

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