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ヽ(*・ω・)ノ Hello, I finished the Demo for my game. (Brittany and Fivine Helped me spell check it and everything.)

The Demo is mainly for getting feedback/critques, since this the first time attempting to make a VN ever. It’s not really a /Demo/ in the typical sense, as when I finish the game it’s intended to be freeware. I want to use any feed back from this to make the final version really good. I still have a lot left to do, but I feel like if I could get some feedback on this I would be able to work more confidently. Don’t hesitate to be nit picky! (However I’m not a very good programmer so even you want more effects… I can try but I can’t guarantee it.) Thank you!

Download Links
( Windows ) ( Mac ) ( Linux )
( **Should be noted I never tested the games on Mac or Linux so if they don’t work please let me know. I figured if it worked on Windows it should work on the rest?)
(There’s a note file with credits for the music, and sound effects among other things.)
P.S. Please tag any posts relating to this with either “MagicalSakura” or “Faithfully Yours for a kinder tomorrow” or “FYfaKT” (‘Faithfully Yours’ is kind of being used by hipster and religious stuff and ‘FY’ is too. ‘FYfaKT’ is a dumb acronym but no one is using it /so/)

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Monday Aug 8 @ 02:09am
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otome game. otome games. faithfully yours for a kinder tomorrow. demo. renpy. i'm gunna go to bed now. hopefully I won't wake up to people complaining it didn't work ahhhh.

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